Abby in Neverland

Abby in Neverland
Author: Sarah Mlynowski
Published: 2023

Abby and Jonah are at home with Jonah’s friends and their fairy friend, Maryrose, when they receive a visit from another fairy–a famous one. It’s Tinkerbell! She’s come to their window with none other than Peter Pan. It’s exciting at first–but when Peter Pan announces that he needs new Lost Boys, he whisks away Jonah and Jonah’s friends. It’s up to Abby (and Maryrose) to follow them all into Neverland! She soon finds herself inside the beloved book Peter Pan . Even if Abby can convince Peter Pan to give her back Jonah and his friends, there’s still the evil Captain Hook and his band of pirates to contend with. And can Abby trust anyone–even Tinkerbell? She’ll have to rely on her courage–and a little bit of magic fairy dust–to make it back home from Neverland before all is lost!

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