Coming to Find You

Coming to Find You
Author: Jane Corry
Published: 2023

Nancy’s mother and stepfather have been brutally killed, and after a trial that gripped the nation, her stepbrother has been convicted of the double murders. But the end of the trial is just the beginning of a new nightmare for Nancy: the press is rabid, certain that Nancy isn’t the grieving daughter she’s presenting to the world. In fact, they believe that she knows more than she’s telling about that night at the farmhouse.

Grief-stricken, Nancy flees to the Cornish seaside, to her grandmother’s secluded inn, Tall Chimneys, to escape the media circus and scrutiny.

Finally alone, save for a few neighbours who keep to themselves, Nancy is relieved. But she soon realizes that Tall Chimneys holds many dark secrets . . . and that she is holding the biggest one of all.

What really happened that night at the farmhouse? And what will Nancy have to do to keep the truth hidden?

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