The Horsewoman

The Horsewoman
Author: James Patter & Mike Lupica
Published: 2022

Mother and daughter, both champion riders—but only one can make Olympic history. James Patterson’s first book with hall-of-fame sportswriter Mike Lupica.

When the buzzer sounds, twenty-one-year-old Becky McCabe takes one last look around. What she’s feeling right now is why riders do this. Young or old. Man or woman. Mother or daughter. The toughest combination comes early, a tight one, hardly any time to react after the first jump.

Just like that they’re into it. Big-time. Horse and rider take a killer inside turn on the rollback two jumps later. No choice but to go inside if they’re here to win. And Becky sure isn’t here to finish second.

How could anyone go faster than this?

No one can. Except the rider who’s up next…

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