Berry,Steve                                                                             The Warsaw Protocol

Cussler, Clive                                                                    Journey of the Pharaohs

Duckworth , Charlotte                                                                         Unfollow Me

Enright, Anne                                                                                                     Actress

Erdrich, Louise                                                                        The Night Watchman

Escobar, Mario                                                                         Children of the Stars

Fisher, Tarryn                                                                                               The Wives

Fowler, Therese Anne                                                     A Good Neighborhood

Gray, Lisa                                                                                                  Bad Memory

Gray, Lisa                                                                                                             Thin Air

Grippando, James                                                                                      The Big Lie

Hendricks, Greer                                                                        You Are Not Alone

Hewson, David                                                                            The House of Dolls

Hewson, David                                                                              The Savage Shore

Hood, Joshua                       Robert Ludlum’s The Treadstone Resurrection

Iczkovits, Yaniv                                                     The Slaughterman’s Daughter

Jackson, Lisa                                                                                    Last Girl Standing

Kanon, Joseph                                                                                   The Accomplice

Kennie, Ryshia                                                             The Tears We Never Cried

Kubica, Mary                                                                                       The Other Mrs.

Ledwidge, Michael                                                                          Stop at Nothing

Mantel, Hilary                                                                       The Mirror & the Light

Margolin, Phillip                                                                      A Reasonable Doubt

Matthews, Jason                                                            The Kremlin’s Candidate

Morgan, Phoebe                                                                        The Girl Next Door

Moxon, A.R.                                                                                   The Revisionaries

Perry, Thomas                                                                                        A Small Town

Pisarcik, ian                                                                           Before Familiar Woods

Reichs, Kathy                                                                        A Conspiracy of Bones

Rice, Luanne                                                                                                      Last Day

Rosnau, Laisha                                                                                       Little Fortress

Serle, Rebecca                                                                                         In Five Years

Seskis, Tina                                                                                               Home Truths

Setterfield, Diane                                                                       Once Upon a Time

Shalvis, Jill                                                                                    Almost Just Friends

Silver, Josie                                                                   The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

Slater, K.L.                                                                                                               Single

Steel, Danielle                                                                                    Moral Compass

Steel, Danielle                                                                          The Numbers Game

Taylor, Brad                                                                                        Operator Down

Todd, Anna                                                                                                              After

Tudor, C.J.                                                                                       The Other People

Williams, Ian                                                                                           Reproduction

Zigman, Laura                                                                             Separation Anxiety




 Adler-Olson, Jussi                                                                                     Victim 2117

Box, C.J.                                                                                                        Long Range

Brittney, Lynn                                                                              A Death in Chelsea

Cameron, Marc                                                                                          Open Carry

Camilleri, Andrea                                                                               The Safety Net

Casey, Donis                                                                                        The Wrong Girl

Cleland, Jane K.                                                                                 Lethal Treasure

Daugherty, Christi                                                                              Revolver Road

Deveraux, Jude                                                                       A Forgotten Murder

Duncan, Elizabeth J.                                                       Remembering the Dead

Enberg, Katrine                                                                                          The Tenant

Finch, Charles                                                                             The Last Passenger

Flower, Amanda                                                                  Verse and Vengeance

Fluke, Joanne                                                           Coconut Layer Cake Murder

Granger, Ann                                                             The Murderer’s Apprentice

Graves, Sarah                                      Death by Chocolate Frosted Doughnut

Hannah, Mari                                                                                              The Insider

Huber, Anna Lee                                                             Treacherous is the Night

Jardine, Quintin                                                                                       The Bad Fire

Kent, Serena                                                                                   Death in Avignon

LaPlante, Lynda                                                                                        Good Friday

LaPlante, Lynda                                                                                     Hidden Killers

LaPlante, Lynda                                                                                       Murder Mile

LaPlante, Lynda                                                                                              Tennison

Leon, Donna                                                                                       Trace Elements

Little, Elizabeth                                                                             Pretty as a Picture

Lodge, Gytha                                                                    Watching From the Dark

MacNeal, Susan Elia                                                                     The King’s Justice

Maxwell, Alyssa                                                                              A Silent Stabbing

McPherson, Catriona                                                                     A Step So Grave

Melinek, Judy                                                                                                   First Cut

Munier, Paula                                                                                           Blind Search

Noble, Shelley                                                                                    Tell Me No Lies

O’Connor, Carlene                                                     Murder in an Irish Cottage

Patterson, James                                                                                           Blindside

Raybourn, Deanna                                                              A Murderous Relation

Swanson, Peter                                                                   Eight Perfect Murders

Thomas, Russ                                                                                          Firewatching

Thompson, Victoria                                                                    City of Scoundrels

Wegert, Tessa                                                                            Death in the Family

Wolfe, Suzanne M.                                                    The Course of All Treasons

Woods, Stuart                                                                                                      Hit List

Woods, Stuart                                                                                                   Treason

Wright, Erica                                                                                Famous in Cedarvill



Andrews, Mesu                                                                                  Isaiah’s Legacy

Bennett, R. William                                                          The Last Man at the Inn

Bergren, Lisa T.                                                                                                      Selah

Coble, Colleen                                                                                        One Little Lie

Dobson, Melanie                                                                       Memories of Glass

Dockens, Randy C.                                                                 Darkness in the Light

Faris, Tari                                                                                    You Belong With Me

Graham, Cliff                                                                                   Covenant of War

Ladd, Sarah E.                                                            The Thief of Lanwyn Manor

Lewis, Beverly                                                                                       The Covenant

McNear, Shannon                                                                              The Blue Cloak

Peterson, Tracie                                                                       Secrets of my Heart

Reed, Ralph                                                                                    The Confirmation

Rosenberg, Joel C.                                                           The Jerusalem Assassin

Smith, Jill Eileen                                                                                     Star of Persia

Stevens, Amanda G.                                                                       From Sky to Sky

Walsh, Courtney                                                                           If For Any Reason

Warren, Susan May                                                             The Way of the Brave

Younts, Elizabeth Byler                                                        The Bright Unknown


 Science Fiction 


American Science Fiction 1960-1966

American Science Fiction 1968-1969

Briggs, Patricia                                                                                        Smoke Bitten

Flynn, Katie M.                                                                                The Companions

Goodkind, Terry                                                                             Death’s Mistress

Harris, Charlaine                                                                                     A Longer Fall

Jimenez, Simon                                                                          The Vanished Birds

Kluwe, Chris                                                                                                           Otaku

Knight, E.E.                                                                                     Novice Dragoneer

Lackey, Mercedes                                         The Case of the Spellbound Child

Liu, Ken                                                            The Hidden Girl and Other Stories

Maas, Sarah J.                                                                House of Earth and Blood

Morgenstern, Erin                                                                          The Starless Sea

Murray, Andrew Hunter                                                                      The Last Day

Pulley, Natasha                                             The Lost Future of Pepperharrow

Salvatore, R.A.                                                                     Song of the Risen God

Waggoner, C.M.                                                                              Unnatural Magic


 Large Print 


Atkins, Ace                                                              Robert B. Parker’s Angel Eyes

Beaton, M.C.                                                                     Beating About the Bush

Beller, Misty M.                                                            Hope’s Highest Mountain

Berg, Elizabeth                                                                         The Confession Club

Blake, Bethany                                                                             A Midwinter’s Tail

Cameron, Marc                                                                                   Code of Honor

Childs, Laura                                                                     Mumbo Gumbo Murder

Christie, Agatha                                                                A Murder is Announced

Cook, Robin                                                                                                       Genesis

Cussler, Clive                                                                                             Final Option

DeMille, Nelson                                                                                     The Deserter

Drexler, Jan                                                                            The Roll of the Drums

Evanovich, Janet                                                                       Twisted Twenty-Six

Francis, Felix                                                                                     Guilty Not Guilty

Gardner, Lisa                                                                                When You See Me

Gerritsen, Tess                                                                           The Shape of Night

Gray, Shelley Shepard                                                                     A Precious Gift

Johansen, Iris                                                                                                 Hindsight

Johns, Patricia                                                                      The Bishop’s Daughter

Krentz, Jayne Ann                                                                               The Vanishing

Lillard, Amy                                                                                 A Home for Hannah

Lough, Loree                                                                                All He’ll Ever Need

Mallery, Susan                                                                             Meant to be Yours

Martin, Alexa                                                                                            Intercepted

McCall Smith, Alexander                              To the Land of Long Lost Friends

Mills, Kyle                                                                                                  Lethal Agent

Morgan, Sarah                                                                        One Summer in Paris

Moyes, Jojo                                                                                   The Giver of Stars

Palmer, Diana                                                                                    Wyoming Heart

Roberts, Nora                                                                            The Rise of Magicks

Steel, Danielle                                                                                            Child’s Play

Steel, Danielle                                                                                                            Spy

Taylor, Patrick                                                                     An Irish Country Family

Woods, Sherryl                                                                                          Rough Seas

Woods, Stuart                                                                                                     Stealth

Woods, Stuart                                                                                                   Treason



Acheson, Alison                  Dance Me to the End                           362.19 Ach

Adams, Scott           Loserthink: How Untrained Brains              153.42 Ada

                                                    Are Ruining America

Albert, Lee                                    Live Pain Free                               616.0472 Alb

                                                   Ansel Adams in Color                         779.092 Ans

Armstrong, Karen            The Lost Art of Scripture                         208.2 Arm

Berger, Jonah                                The Catalyst                                       303.3 Ber

Bittman, Mark                                How to Eat                                         613.2 Bit  

Boghossian, Peter   How to Have Impossible Conversations       153.6 Bog                

Burnett, Bill                       Designing Your Work Life                          650.1 Bur

Cahalan, Susannah             The Great Pretender                           616.89 Cah 

Cambras, Josep                            Bookbinding                                    686.3 Cam  

Cohen, Ben                                   The Hot Hand                                    123.3 Coh 

Cyr, Gabe                                Mixed Media Books                             701.81 Cyr

Divine, Mark                        Staring Down the Wolf                      658.4092 Div 

Dorenbos, Jon                               Life is Magic                                  796.332 Dor   

Doyle, Glennon                               Untamed                                    306.893 Doy 

Esmonde-White, Miranda   Fast Track To Aging Backwards     613.71 Esm

Everatt, Lynne                   The 5-Minute Recharge                                              613 Eve

Falick, Melanie                             Making a Life                                       745.5 Fal 

Figueres, Christiana         The Future You Choose                        363.738 Fig 

Fisch, Jen                                   Keto in an Instant                          641.56383 Fis 

Foroohar, Rana                            Don’t Be Evil                                      384.3 For

Fung, Dr. Jason                  The Obesity Cook Book                                    641.5635 Fun

Fuhrman, Joel                                Eat For Life                                     613.28 Fuh

Greene, Brian                      Until the End of Time                              523.1 Gre

Greenwood, Michael            Braving the Void                             615.851 Gre

Greenwood, Michael           Paradox & Healing                           615.851 Gre

Greenwood, Michael         The Unbroken Field                          615.851 Gre

Harry, Debbie                                     Face It                                   782.42166 Har

Heath, Dan                                       Upstream                                            658 Hea

Hibbs, Monika                           Gather at Home                                   641.5 Hib

Horowitz, Ben              What You Do is Who You Are                   658.11 Hor

Howard, Dylan          Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales           364.153 How

Huang, Laura                                         Edge                                           650.13 Hua

Kalb, Bess                   Nobody Will Tell You This But Me              306.874 Kal

Keaton, Diane                           Brother & Sister                                 791.43 Kea

Keehn, Kelley                          Talk Money to Me                           332.024 Kee

Larson, Erik                       The Splendid and the Vile                 940.54212 Lar

Levitin, Daniel J.                       Successful Aging                                612.67 Lev

Levy, Steven                   Facebook: the Inside Story               302.30285 Lev

Loyst, Cynthia                         Find Your Pleasure                            155.333 Loy

Lugavere, Max                          The Genius Life                                   612.8 Lug

MacCallum, Martha                 Unknown Valor                        940.54252 Mac

Marie, Nikki                   Simple Elegant Pasta Dinners              641.5945 Mar 

Marquet, L. David             Leadership is Language                    658.4092 Mar 

Martin, Katy E.                            The Year After                              155.937 Mar

McKeon, Lauren                    No More Nice Girls                            305.42 McK

Natterson, Cara                         Decoding Boys                             649.1251 Nat

O’Brady, Colin                       The Impossible First                       919.8904 O’Br

Osteen, Joel                           The Power of Favor                               248.4 Ost

Ota, John                                         The Kitchen                                  747.797 Ota

Palahniuk, Chuck                        Consider This                               818.5403 Pal

Posner, Gerald                                  Pharma                                                       338.476 Pos

Postanin, Olly          The Fundies: the Essential Hockey             796.962 Pos

                                              Guide From on the Bench

Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger    The Gift of Forgiveness      155.90 Pra

Qing Li                                            Forest Bathing                                  615.85 Qin

Rediger, Jeffrey                                  Cured                                        616.08 Red

Rehm, Diane                       When My Time Comes                           179.7 Reh

Rinehart, Benjamin D.    Creating Books & Boxes                                           686.3 Rin

Rombauer, Irma S.                    Joy of Cooking                                641.59 Rom

Schuster, Tara             Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies                     158.1 Sch

Shaxson, Nicholas                 The Finance Curse                           332.042 Sha

Smith, Mairlyn                       Peace, Love & Fibre                          641.653 Smi

Snow, Richard                              Disney’s Land                            791.06879 Sno

Somers, Suzanne                  A New Way to Age                            305.26 Som

Symon, Michael                        Fix It With Food                        641.56318 Sym

Thiessen, Dennis          Tip O’Neill and the St. Louis                   796.357 Thi

                                                         Browns of 1887

Tyson, Neil de Grasse     Letters From an Astrophysicist     523.01092 Tys

Underwood, Carrie                  Find Your Path                                   613.7 Und

Wells, Greg                        Rest, Refocus, Recharge                                             613 Wel

Large Print Non-fiction 

Williams, Brittany     Instant Loss: Eat Real, Lose Weight            641.77 Wil

Wood, Wendy                  Good Habits, Bad Habits                       152.33 Woo

Albom, Mitch                                      Finding Chika                       Lp 362.778 Alb

Brokaw, Tom                           The Fall of Richard Nixon            Lp 973.924 Bro

Perlmutter, David                                Brain Wash                           Lp 612.82 Per