New Books for September!

Here are the new titles that have been added between August 1-31st and are circulating this month! 

Some of these titles are also available at WMRL branches, but everything is available to all users no matter where you are.  

Mobile users will find it easier to view in the PDF file.

To place a hold on any of these titles, call your local branch or log in to your account on our online catalogue.

Brandon Public Library


Carr, Robyn

Carr, Robyn

Cogan, Jenny

Connelly, Michael

Cox, Josephine

Favro, Terri

Goldberg, Leonard

Goolrick, Robert

Gortner, C.W.

Graham, Genevieve

Graham, Heather

Hilderbrand, Elin

Hillier, Jennifer

Keane, Mary Beth

Kidd, Sue Monk

Lustbader, Eric Van

Majumdar, Megha

Malerman, Josh

Mallery, Susan

McFarlane, Mhairi

Patterson, James

Patterson, James

Patterson, James

Straub, Emma

Sunrise on Half Moon Bay

The View from Alameda Island

500 Miles from You

Fair Warning

Two Sisters

Sputnik’s Children

The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes

The Dying of the Light

The First Actress: a Novel of Sarah Bernhardt

The Forgotten Home Child

Deadly Touch

28 Summers

Little Secrets

Ask Again, Yes

The Book of Longings

The Nemesis Manifesto

A Burning


Sisters by Choice

If I Never Met You

Cajun Justice

1st Case


All Adults Here


Arthurson, Wayne

Black, Cara

Dolan, Eva

King, Laurie R. 

McCall Smith, Alexander

Rickstad, Eric

Woods, Stuart

The Red Chesterfield

Three Hours in Paris

Tell No Tales

Riviera Gold

The Geometry of Holding Hands

What Remains of Her

Choppy Water


Carlson, Melody

The Happy Camper

Large Print

Berry, Steve

Box, C.J.  

Cummins, Jeanine

Cussler, Clive 

Dearen, Patrick

Deaver, Jeffery

Deveraux, Jude

Giffin, Emily

Grippando, James 

Grisham, John

Jance, J.A.  

Hood, Joshua

Kellerman, Jonathan  

King, Stephen

Martin, Jack

McCall Smith, Alexander 

Miller, Fenella J. 

Perry, Anne

Reichs, Kathy

Robb, J.D.

Roberts, Nora

Sandford, John

Steel, Danielle

Steel, Danielle

Towns, Brent

Woods, Stuart

Herriot, James

The Warsaw Protocol

Long Range

American Dirt

Journey of the Pharaohs

Apache Lament

The Goodbye Man

A Forgotten Murder

The Lies That Bind

The Big Lie

Camino Winds

Credible Threat

Robert Ludlum’s The Treadstone Resurrection

The Museum of Desire

If It Bleeds

Massacre at Red Rock

The Talented Mr. Varg

Duke in Danger

One Fatal Flaw

A Conspiracy of Bones

Golden in Death


Masked Prey

The Numbers Game

The Wedding Dress

Lightning Strike

Hit List

Vets Might Fly


Baca, Selena


Baginski, Caren

Basting, Anne

Bergstrom, Carl T.

Bolton, John

Bowden, Mark

Brooks, David

Canelo, Diala

Dahl, Melissa

Dial, Roman

Delffs, Dudley

Ellenhorn, Ross


Gray, Tanis

Hamblin, James

Irby, Samantha

Jost, Colin

Keller, Jenny

Knight, Keltie

Kolker, Robert

Kwik, Jim

Mercado, Mia

Miller, Erin

Moe, John

Mumby, Hannah


Oluo, Ijeoma

Pesta, Abigail

Raupach, Melissa

Sifton, Sam

Trebek, Alex

Trump, Mary L.

Zweig, Stefan

Two Simple Shapes = 26 Crocheted

Cardigans, Tops & Sweaters

Restorative Yoga

Creative Care

Calling Bullshit

The Room Where It Happened         

The Case of the Vanishing Blonde   

The Second Mountain

Diala’s Kitchen


The Adventurer’s Son

The Faith of Queen Elizabeth             

How We Change: (and Ten Reasons Why

We Don’t)

Harry Potter: Knitting Magic

Clean: the New Science of Skin

Wow, No Thank You

A Very Punchable Face

Cookie Class

Act Like a Lady

Hidden Valley Road


Weird But Normal

Miller Strong

The Hilarious World of Depression  

Elephants: Birth, Life and Death

in the World of the Giants

So You Want to Talk About Race       

The Girls

Regrow Your Veggies

See You on Sunday

The Answer Is…

Too Much and Never Enough

The Society of the Crossed Keys

Brandon Shoppers Mall


Albert, Annabeth

Andrews, Mary Kay

Arafat, Zaina

Beams, Clare

Bartz, Andrea

Bender, Aimee

Bennett, Brit

Bieker, Chelsea

Carr, Robyn

Celona, Marjorie

Center, Katherine

Cha, Frances

Chiaverini, Jennifer

Colgan, Jenny

Connelly, Michael

Cook, Lindsey Rogers

Dare, Abi

Delaney, J.P.

Desai, Sara

DeWitt, Jasper

Dolan, Naoise

Downing, Samantha

Feeney, Alice

Foley, Lucy

George, Alex

Giffin, Emily

Grisham, John

Hankin, Laura

Harper, Karen

Harte, Marie

Hauty, Chris 

Hayes-McCoy, Felicity

Hendrix, Grady

Hibbert, Talia

Higgins, Kristan

Jenner, Natalie

Johansen, Iris

Jones, Sandie

Kidd, Sue Monk

Kwan, Kevin

Lawhon, Ariel

Levangie, Gigi

Mallery, Susan

Mandel, Emily St. John

Mansell, Jill

Marrs, John

Martin, Kimmery

Masad, Ilana

McMillan, Terry

Moore, Liz

Moore, Meg Mitchell

Morganthaler, Sarah    

Morrey, Beth

Norman, Matthew

North, Alex

Offill, Jenny

Onstad, Katrina

Orenstein, Hannah

Paretsky, Sara

Paris, B.A.

Patel, Sajni

Patterson, James

Patterson, James

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth  

Reid, Kiley

Rosner, Jennifer

Russell, Kate Elizabeth

Sager, Riley

St. John, Katherine

Schnall, Susie Orman

Seymour, Gerald

Shraya, Vivek

Sittenfeld, Curtis

Solomon, Anna

Sosa, Mia

Stayman-London, Kate 

Steadman, Katherine

Tater, Mallory

Tsao, Tiffany

Turow, Scott

Waxman, Abbi

Wetmore, Elizabeth

Williams, Beatriz

Wilsner, Meryl

Wingate, Lisa

Wolfe, Paul

Conventionally Yours

Hello Summer

You Exist Too Much

The Illness Lesson

The Herd

The Butterfly Lampshade

The Vanishing Half

God Shot

Sunrise on Half Moon Bay

How A Woman Becomes a Lake

What You Wish For

If I Had Your Face

Mrs. Lincoln’s Sisters

Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery

Fair Warning

How to Bury Your Brother

The Girl With the Louding Voice

Playing Nice

The Marriage Game

The Patient

Exciting Times

He Started It

His & Hers

The Guest List

The Paris Hours

The Lies That Bind

Camino Winds

Happy & You Know It

The Queen’s Secret

The Kissing Game

Deep State

The Library at the Edge of the World

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

Take a Hint Dani Brown

Always the Last to Know

The Jane Austen Society

The Persuasion

The Half Sister

The Book of Longings

Sex and Vanity

Code Name Helene

Been There, Married That

The Friendship List

The Glass Hotel

It Started With a Secret

The One

The Antidote For Everything

All My Mother’s Lovers

It’s Not All Downhill From Here

Long Bright River

Two Truths and a Lie

The Tourist Attraction

The Love Story of Missy Carmichael

Last Couple Standing

The Shadows


Stay Where I Can See you

Love at First Like

Love & Other Crimes

The Dilemma

The Trouble With Hating You



Dance Away With Me

Such a Fun Age

The Yellow Bird Sings

My Dark Vanessa

Home Before Dark

The Lion’s Den

We Came Here to Shine

Beyond Recall

The Subtweet


The Book of V.

The Worst Best Man

One to Watch

Mr. Nobody

The Birth Yard

The Majesties

The Last Trial

I Was Told It Would Get Easier


Her Last Flight

Something to Talk About

The Book of Lost Friends

The Lost Diary of M


Adams, Lisa

Bigler, Jennifer

Billman, Jon

Bolton, John

Brown, Austin Channing


Clemmons, Dr. Francois S.

Cole, Desmond

Crawford, Lacy

Danler, Stephanie

Diangelo, Robin

Gardner, Erin

Garza, Jennifer Marie

Glenconner, Anne

Goodman, Alana


Jollett, Mikel

Kendall, Mikki

Lomborg, Bjorn

Magida, Arthur J.                                    

Mansfield, Rachel

Various Authors

McBrayer, Mary Kay                              

Miller, Adrienne


101 Incredible Gluten-Free Recipes

The Cold Vanish

The Room Where It Happened         

I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a

World Made for Whites

Officer Clemmons

The Skin We’re In

Notes on a Silencing


White Fragility


Keto Friendly Recipes

Lady in Waiting

A Convenient Death:

the Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein

Hollywood Park

Hood Feminism

False Alarm

Code Name Madeleine

Just the Good Stuff

A Map is Only One Story

America’s First Female Serial Killer

In the Land of Men