New Brandonites Podcasts

New Brandonites Podcasts

  Wednesday July 7, 2021

Brandonites Podcast is a series that features interviews with local people who are passionate about what they’re up to. We will hear from these interesting folks about their history, their current passion and how they are connected to the community of Brandon. The aim is to celebrate the diversity, talent and grit that local people are bringing to our community, strengthening our sense of identity as a flourishing city. It is being produced by library staff at the Brandon branches and episodes will be released every two weeks via a platform called Anchor. Listeners are encouraged to suggest guests for the series. It also provides another way for us to reach out to people to share info about our current programming and invite listeners to visit our various branches.

In the most recent episodes we speak with Grace and Emma of Solstice Apiaries and Curt Shoultz, local artist and educator.

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Happy listening!