Night at the Library

Night at the Library

  Wednesday December 13, 2023

The downtown branch of the Brandon Public Library had a fantastic evening of learning, building and sharing on November 29. Mix together paint, writing from the heart, and soldering pens with ninety people and stand back to see the results. The library was full of patrons from babies to seniors.

During Night Owls, families with young children shared stories, songs and crafts. This early literacy program focused on storytelling, singing and crafting. It was a chance to enjoy books and explore words through the rhythm and repetition of song. We also got to be silly and wear our best pajamas out in public.

Brandon University, our long-term partner in community education, showcased the creative writing of students. Students got up to a podium, where they read plays, short stories and memoirs to an audience of peers, family, and faculty. It was a powerful performance that left many discussing what they had heard.

The Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation’s Creation Nation Makerspace kicked off an unlikely event for our library, called Hacking for the Holidays. Through Makers Making Change, patrons soldered circuits and made switches to turn on electric toys. These toys will go to children living with physical disabilities. This group may have rivaled the Night Owls for the most noise and enthusiasm.

Thank you to these exceptional partners for sharing high quality, free activities for the people of Brandon. And we couldn’t do it without our private and commercial donors, and governmental funding.

Come and see us at the library. Support for programs in the downtown core is back. Community building requires collaboration from all of us. We at the library are happy to play a part in Brandon, as well as all of Western Manitoba. Downtowns and libraries are for everyone!