Writing Workshops and Book Launch with Mitchell Toews and Ariel Gordon

Writing Workshops and Book Launch with Mitchell Toews and Ariel Gordon

  Wednesday February 21, 2024

The Western Maintoba Regional Library is delighted to host an evening with authors Ariel Gordon and Mitchell Toews at the Downtown Branch.

Ariel’s writing workshop is “Postcards from the World”, suited to writers of all genres. What does it mean to slow down and pay attention to urban ecosystem? What lives there? This workshop focuses on what it means to pay attention to the natural world, with a focus urban nature and sustained attention. Participants will read and discuss works on this topic, then we will try our hand at a variety of nature-based writing prompts.

In “Writing your Culture” Mitchell will read examples from his fiction and that of other Canadian authors that illustrate the techniques as well as the beauty and agency that a writer can access when their writing contains deeply felt and deeply known aspects of their culture. In a participatory workshop, attendees will hear exerpts, discuss them, and then receive generative prompts to write and, if they choose, present their own expressions of culture.

The second part of the evening lets us celebrate the publication of “Pinching Zwieback: Made-up Stories from the Darp by Mitchell Toews and “Siteseeing” by Ariel Gordon and Brenda Schmidt.

You are welcome to attend all or part of the evening.

Writing Workshops 6:00 – 7:30pm

Book Launch 8:00 – 9:00pm