Carberry iPad Loan Program

Carberry iPad Loan Program

  Tuesday August 18, 2020

The Carberry North Cypress Library is happy to announce it will be hosting an iPad Loan Program in the near future. Thanks to a grant from the Emergency Community Support Fund provided by the Carberry and Area Community Foundation, the library is able to purchase the iPads to be used in this program.

The focus of the iPad Loan Program is to address the technological needs our community faces due to covid-19, and the program will centre on providing solutions to these new challenges. We will be providing access to seniors, teaching them basic skills on how to use a tablet and also allowing them to connect with their families and friends virtually. Tablets will be available to loan to school children who need to connect to educational resources. They will also be accessible to local organizations looking to hold meetings and programming virtually.

These are just a few of the ways that we are looking into using our iPad Loan Program to help our community stay connected and health. We will be announcing the official start date of the program in the near future, and will have more details on availability at that time. If you have any ideas for programming involving the loan program, please contact for further discussion.