Start the new year with a reading goal! What are your reading goals for 2019? It’s amazing how many books can be read in a year if you like to read, and even casual readers can finish a few by the end of the year. is one good resource on the Internet for book information. You’ll find authors, titles and all the formats in which a title is available as well as supplying reader reviews.  Users are encouraged to sign up for a free account and then create a list of books “To Read” and to track completed titles along with your rating and review.  And the fun part of setting up an account is to set your reading goals for the year! Of course, public libraries are eager to help you meet your reading goals, whether it’s for 10 or 100 books.  And audiobooks count too! Listen to James Grisham books while you take those long walks around town or while driving to see the Jets play in Winnipeg.  Or how about listening to some Danielle Steel or James Patterson while gardening? You can ‘read’ a lot of books by listening as well as by sitting in your comfy chair with a book! For the younger set, Storytime starts again at Neepawa Library on Friday, January 18 at 11 am. We read books, find treasures in our I Spy table and make simple crafts. It’s free and registration is not required. Creative Writing for 8-12 year olds begins again Monday, January 21. This is a four-week course on creative writing techniques and it includes word play, writing exercises and other fun activities. Advance registration is required – please call the library at 204-476-5648. “When you are being creative, nothing is wrong.” John Cleese