Mystery in the Title

Mystery in the Title
Author: Ian Ferguson
Published: 2024

Miranda Abbott will once again be a star. After a very long dry spell that followed her network hit series Pastor Fran Investigates, Hollywood has come calling and they want Miranda back. This time to be the female lead in an oddly expensive movie of the week, filming right here in Happy Rock! Miranda signs on the dotted line, but her trusty assistant Andrew, a whiz with apps and clouds, thinks this all seems a bit fishy. When Miranda’s co-star makes a grand entrance by crashing through the atrium window at The Duchess Hotel and being very much dead, things go from bad to worse. The great citizens of Happy Rock, including Police Chief Ned Buckley, grumpy bookstore owner and soon to be ex-husband Edgar Abbott, Bea of Bea’s B&B, and the malodorous Owen McCune return to help solve the case in this second Miranda Abbott mystery.

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